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Innocence Canada Governance

Innocence Canada (formerly the Association in Defence of the Wrongly Convicted or AIDWYC) is a non-profit organization that was founded in 1993 and incorporated in 2000.

Innocence Canada’s mandate is to identify, advocate for, and exonerate individuals who have been convicted of a crime they did not commit and to prevent wrongful convictions through legal education and reform.


Both the Innocence Canada and the Innocence Canada Foundation Boards are regulated by a set of By-Laws. Please click on the links below to view the by-laws.

Innocence Canada By-Laws DOWNLOAD PDF
Innocence Canada Foundation By-Laws DOWNLOAD PDF

Board of Directors

Innocence Canada and the Innocence Canada Foundation are each governed by a unique, volunteer Board of Directors.

Ron Dalton Innocence Canada Co-President, Exoneree & Accountant
Jonathan Freedman Innocence Canada Co-President, Psychology Professor at the University of Toronto
Debbie Oakley Chair of the Provincial Judges Pension Board
Paul Bennett Innocence Canada Secretary and Barrister
Jerome Kennedy, K.C. Criminal Defence Lawyer at Roebothan McKay Marshall
James Lockyer Criminal Defence Lawyer at Lockyer, Zaduk and Zeeh and founding member of Innocence Canada
Sean MacDonald Civil & Criminal Defence Lawyer at Sean T. MacDonald Law Office
Joanne McLean Criminal Defence Lawyer
Jane McMillan Professor, St. Francis Xavier University & Former Canada Research Chair of Indigenous Peoples and Sustainable Communities
Maria Shepherd Paralegal at Shepherd Advocacy and Litigation, and Exoneree
Bhavan Sodhi Chief Program Officer at the Innocence Project
Tamara Duncan Criminal Defence Lawyer at Martin and Associates
Scott Hutchison Criminal Defence Lawyer at Henein Hutchison
Dan Brodsky Emeritus Board Member, Criminal Defense Lawyer