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Phil, Glen and Sean


Glen Assoun

In a Halifax, Nova Scotia courtroom on March 1, 2019, Justice James L. Chipman of the Supreme Court of Nova Scotia spoke the words that Glen Assoun had prayed for, dreamed of and fought for, for twenty-one painful and challenging years. For seventeen of those years he was incarcerated in some of the worst prisons in Canada, survived two heart attacks and suffered countless human rights violations. Five of those years Glen waited for the Criminal Convictions Review Group (CCRG) to do their work and for the Federal Justice Minister to make a decision concerning a s.696.1 application based on fresh evidence that was submitted on his behalf by Innocence Canada lawyers in 2013. Those years were grueling, extremely stressful and heartbreaking for Glen, his family and supporters.

But Glen never gave up, despite the personal cost. 

Glen is grateful to Innocence Canada lawyers Jerome Kennedy, Sean MacDonald, Phil Campbell and James Lockyer for staying the course and for their hard work, expertise and dedication to seeing an innocent man vindicated. They also never gave up in spite of the countless roadblocks barricading the way to achieving the goal of Glen’s freedom and exoneration.

Justice Chipman had these words to say after he formally acquitted Glen:

Glen Eugene Assoun, during all of this time, you steadfastly maintained your innocence. And with the support of your lawyers, your friends and your family, you kept the faith with remarkable dignity and determination you presented before this court on several occasions, and at times since I first met you on November 24, 2014. You are to be commended for your courage and your resilience. You are a free man.  I sincerely wish you every success.

Glen Assoun