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robert mailman and walter gillespie


Dec 21, 2017

The argument for a Criminal Cases Review Commission

statue of justice

This paper examines the need for a systemic change in the review of cases from possible wrongly convicted individuals. Mr. Lockyer illustrates that an independent Canadian Criminal Convictions Review Commission should be established to more effectively and expediently address wrongful convictions in Canada. 

Mr. Lockyer details the history of Section 696.1 of the Canadian Criminal Code. This leads to an outline of the problems with the state of the law as it stands in Canada. As a solution to the many barriers Section 696.1 creates to rectifying miscarriages of justice, Mr. Lockyer outlines how Canada would benefit in adopting a Criminal Cases Review Commission by showing how this Commission has had a positive effect on the United Kingdom’s criminal justice system.    

Read the full letter here.